Nantucket sleighride

From Wikipedia:

A Nantucket sleighride is the dragging of a whaleboat by a harpooned whale while whaling.

Nantucket sleighride

I’ve been in the whaleboat for two years. That’s a long time to be dragged by a whale.

I took this job at a bank two years ago. I’m a bank teller. It’s pretty cool, because I wanted to work in personal finance for a number of years before I got the job. But let’s face it – it’s not really a personal finance job. It’s customer service; which is a good way to get a foot in the door for someone with no background in personal finance other than reading The Wealthy Barber Returns and Stop Over-Thinking Your Money.

I stuck my harpoon in this whale of a job, and it took me for a ride. I’ve been stressed out for most of it. You know, imposter syndrome and everything else that comes with it. Customer service in a bank has to be efficient, and this is my first customer service job. Whenever I see people in line, I get stressed out. I start doing my job way too fast to try and please everyone, and I inevitably end up making a mistake, which takes even longer to fix. I have trouble getting a good rhythm going, but I think knowing that is helpful in itself and will help me find a good balance going forward.

And you know what? I like this job. I love my co-workers, I love the city, I love the benefits, I love a lot of my clients. The only barrier to loving the job is me. I put too much pressure on myself to be perfect at what I do, and that’s exactly how to set yourself up for disappointment every time. I need to learn how to tame the whale, if you will.

And this is where I realize that the whale was me all along... I harpooned myself!